DroidJack is an Android remote access tool that has been observed posing as legitimate applications including the Super Mario Run and Pokemon GO games. [1] [2]

ID: S0320
Platforms: Android
Version: 1.2
Created: 25 October 2017
Last Modified: 09 August 2019

Techniques Used

Domain ID Name Use
Mobile T1433 Access Call Log

DroidJack captures call data.[1]

Mobile T1429 Capture Audio

DroidJack is capable of recording device phone calls.[1]

Mobile T1512 Capture Camera

DroidJack can capture video using device cameras.[1]

Mobile T1412 Capture SMS Messages

DroidJack captures SMS data.[1]

Mobile T1444 Masquerade as Legitimate Application

DroidJack included code from the legitimate Pokemon GO app in order to appear identical to the user, but it also included additional malicious code.[2]