Benefactors Program

Become an ATT&CK Benefactor! Benefactors help propel the evolution of ATT&CK through financial contributions by sustaining and advancing ATT&CK through their financial contributions, ensuring that it adapts along with evolving cyber threats and changing environments. Donations directly support framework progression, pioneering research into underrepresented domains and emerging threats, and community engagement. To show our thanks, ATT&CK benefactors are also the recipient of many benefits, including public recognition as a benefactor of MITRE ATT&CK as well as briefings with the ATT&CK leadership team.


The Center for Threat Informed Defense enables the global community to advance critical public interest cybersecurity programs for ATT&CK and related programs. Apply to become a benefactor through MITRE Engenuity’s Center for Threat-Informed Defense’s Benefactor Program and select ATT&CK among other benefactor programs, or contact us at with any questions or for more information about becoming a benefactor.

ATT&CK Benefactors

Thanks to the following companies who have supported ATT&CK!