RCSAndroid is Android malware. [1]

ID: S0295
Platforms: Android

Version: 1.1

Techniques Used

MobileT1409Access Sensitive Data or Credentials in FilesRCSAndroid can collect passwords for Wi-Fi networks and online accounts, including Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Google, WhatsApp, Mail, and LinkedIn.[1]
MobileT1438Alternate Network MediumsRCSAndroid can use SMS for command and control.[1]
MobileT1414Capture Clipboard DataRCSAndroid can monitor clipboard content.[1]
MobileT1412Capture SMS MessagesRCSAndroid can collect SMS, MMS, and Gmail messages.[1]
MobileT1407Download New Code at RuntimeRCSAndroid has the ability to dynamically download and execute new code at runtime.[1]
MobileT1430Location TrackingRCSAndroid can record location.[1]
MobileT1429Microphone or Camera RecordingsRCSAndroid can record using the microphone as well as capture photos using the front and back cameras.[1]