Intelligent Electronic Device (IED)

An Intelligent Electronic Device (IED) is a type of specialized field device that is designed to perform specific operational functions, frequently for protection, monitoring, or control within the electric sector. IEDs are typically used to both acquire telemetry and execute tailored control algorithms/actions based on customizable parameters/settings. An IED is usually implemented as a dedicated embedded device and supports various network automation protocols to communicate with RTUs and Control Servers.

ID: A0005
Platforms: Embedded
Sectors: Electric
Version: 1.0
Created: 28 September 2023
Last Modified: 04 October 2023

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Protection Relay Electric

A protection relay is a type of IED used within the electric sector to monitor for faults or problematic operating conditions on power lines, busses, or transformers. While traditionally protection relays were electromechanical or electromagnetic devices, modern relays utilize microprocessors, embedded operating system, and SCADA communications.

Field Device / Controller

IEDs may be referred to as Field Controllers or Field Devices as a general function name.