Exploit via Radio Interfaces

The mobile device may be targeted for exploitation through its interface to cellular networks or other radio interfaces.

Baseband Vulnerability Exploitation

A message sent over a radio interface (typically cellular, but potentially Bluetooth, GPS, NFC, Wi-Fi[1] or other) to the mobile device could exploit a vulnerability in code running on the device[2][3].

Malicious SMS Message

An SMS message could contain content designed to exploit vulnerabilities in the SMS parser on the receiving device[4]. An SMS message could also contain a link to a web site containing malicious content designed to exploit the device web browser. Vulnerable SIM cards may be remotely exploited and reprogrammed via SMS messages[5].

ID: T1477

Tactic Type:  Post-Adversary Device Access

Tactic: Initial Access

Platform:  Android, iOS

Version: 1.1


Mitigation Description
Security Updates
Use Recent OS Version


Name Description
Pegasus for iOS

Pegasus for iOS was delivered via an SMS message containing a link to a web site with malicious code.[6]