Priority Definition Direction

Priority definition direction consists of the process of collecting and assigning requirements for meeting Key Intelligence Topics (KIT) or Key Intelligence Questions (KIQ) as determined by leadership.
ID: TA0013


Techniques: 4
T1238Assign KITs, KIQs, and/or intelligence requirements

Once generated, Key Intelligence Topics (KITs), Key Intelligence Questions (KIQs), and/or intelligence requirements are assigned to applicable agencies and/or personnel. For example, an adversary may decide nuclear energy requirements should be assigned to a specific organization based on their mission.

T1239Receive KITs/KIQs and determine requirements

Applicable agencies and/or personnel receive intelligence requirements and evaluate them to determine sub-requirements related to topics, questions, or requirements. For example, an adversary's nuclear energy requirements may be further divided into nuclear facilities versus nuclear warhead capabilities.

T1237Submit KITs, KIQs, and intelligence requirements

Once they have been created, intelligence requirements, Key Intelligence Topics (KITs), and Key Intelligence Questions (KIQs) are submitted into a central management system.

T1240Task requirements

Once divided into the most granular parts, analysts work with collection managers to task the collection management system with requirements and sub-requirements.