RuMMS is an Android malware family. [1]

ID: S0313
Platforms: Android

Version: 1.1

Techniques Used

MobileT1412Capture SMS MessagesRuMMS uploads incoming SMS messages to a remote command and control server.[1]
MobileT1476Deliver Malicious App via Other MeansRuMMS is delivered via an SMS message containing a link to an APK (Android application package).[1]
MobileT1437Standard Application Layer ProtocolRuMMS uses HTTP for command and control.[1]
MobileT1426System Information DiscoveryRuMMS gathers device model and operating system version information and transmits it to a command and control server.[1]
MobileT1422System Network Configuration DiscoveryRuMMS gathers the device phone number and IMEI and transmits them to a command and control server.[1]