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SOUNDBITE is a signature backdoor used by APT32. [1]

ID: S0157
Platforms: Windows
Version: 1.0
Created: 14 December 2017
Last Modified: 17 October 2018

Techniques Used

Domain ID Name Use
Enterprise T1010 Application Window Discovery

SOUNDBITE is capable of enumerating application windows.[1]

Enterprise T1083 File and Directory Discovery

SOUNDBITE is capable of enumerating and manipulating files and directories.[1]

Enterprise T1112 Modify Registry

SOUNDBITE is capable of modifying the Registry.[1]

Enterprise T1071 Standard Application Layer Protocol

SOUNDBITE communicates via DNS for C2.[1]

Enterprise T1082 System Information Discovery

SOUNDBITE is capable of gathering system information.[1]

Groups That Use This Software

ID Name References
G0050 APT32 [1]