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JHUHUGIT, Seduploader, ...
ID S0044
Aliases JHUHUGIT, Seduploader, JKEYSKW, Sednit, GAMEFISH
Type Malware

JHUHUGIT is malware used by APT28. It is based on Carberp source code and serves as reconnaissance malware.1234

Techniques Used

  • Rundll32 - JHUHUGIT is executed using rundll32.exe.2
  • Process Injection - JHUHUGIT performs code injection injecting its own functions to browser processes.2
  • File Deletion - The JHUHUGIT dropper deletes itself from the victim.3
  • New Service - JHUHUGIT has registered itself as a service to establish persistence.3
  • Scheduled Task - JHUHUGIT has registered itself as a scheduled task to run each time the current user logs in.35
  • Component Object Model Hijacking - JHUHUGIT has used COM hijacking to establish persistence by hijacking a class named MMDeviceEnumerator and also by registering the payload as a Shell Icon Overlay handler COM object ({3543619C-D563-43f7-95EA-4DA7E1CC396A}).3
  • Logon Scripts - JHUHUGIT has registered a Windows shell script under the Registry key HKCU\Environment\UserInitMprLogonScript to establish persistence.3
  • Fallback Channels - JHUHUGIT tests if it can reach its C2 server by first attempting a direct connection, and if it fails, obtaining proxy settings and sending the connection through a proxy, and finally injecting code into a running browser if the proxy method fails.3
  • System Information Discovery - JHUHUGIT obtains a build identifier as well as victim hard drive information from Windows registry key HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Disk\Enum.3
  • Remote File Copy - JHUHUGIT retrieves and executes an additional payload from its C2 server.3


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