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Net, net.exe
ID S0039
Aliases Net, net.exe
Type Utility
Platform Windows

The Net utility is a component of the Windows operating system. It is used in command-line operations for control of users, groups, services, and network connections.1

Net has a great deal of functionality,2 much of which is useful for an adversary, such as gathering system and network information for Discovery, moving laterally through Windows Admin Shares using net use commands, and interacting with services.

Techniques Used

  • Account Discovery - Commands under net user can be used in Net to gather information about and manipulate user accounts.2
  • Service Execution - The net start and net stop commands can be used in Net to execute or stop Windows services.2
  • Network Share Discovery - The net view \\remotesystem and net share commands in Net can be used to find shared drives and directories on remote and local systems respectively.2
  • Create Account - The net user username \password and net user username \password \domain commands in Net can be used to create a local or domain account respectively.2


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