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menuPass, Stone Panda, ...
ID G0045
Aliases menuPass, Stone Panda, APT10, Red Apollo, CVNX

menuPass is a threat group that appears to originate from China and has been active since approximately 2009. The group has targeted healthcare, defense, aerospace, and government sectors, and has targeted Japanese victims since at least 2014. In 2016 and 2017, the group targeted managed IT service providers, manufacturing and mining companies, and a university.12345

Alias Descriptions

  • menuPass - 1
  • Stone Panda - 1
  • APT10 - 1
  • Red Apollo - 4
  • CVNX - 4

Techniques Used

  • Command-Line Interface - menuPass executes commands using a command-line interface and reverse shell. The group has used a modified version of pentesting script wmiexec.vbs to execute commands.467
  • Scheduled Task - menuPass has used a script ( to execute a command on a target machine via Task Scheduler.6
  • Valid Accounts - menuPass has used valid accounts shared between Managed Service Providers and clients to move between the two environments.4
  • Data Staged - menuPass stages data prior to exfiltration in multi-part archives, often saved in the Recycle Bin.4
  • User Execution - menuPass has attempted to get victims to open malicious files sent via email as part of spearphishing campaigns.65