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You can help contribute to ATT&CK.

ATT&CK is in a constant state of development. We are always on the lookout for new information to help refine and extend what is covered. If you have additional techniques, know about variations on one already covered, have examples of techniques in use, or have other relevant information, then we would like to hear from you.

Please contact us for information.


The following individuals or organizations have contributed information regarding the existence of a technique, details on how to detect and/or mitigate use of a technique, or threat intelligence on adversary use:

Alain Homewood, Insomnia Security
Alan Neville, @abnev
Anastasios Pingios
Bartosz Jerzman
Bryan Lee
Casey Smith
Daniel Oakley
Erye Hernandez, Palo Alto Networks
Itzik Kotler, SafeBreach
Jared Atkinson, @jaredcatkinson
John Lambert, Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center
John Strand
Justin Warner, ICEBRG
Leo Loobeek, @leoloobeek
Loic Jaquemet
Matthew Demaske, Adaptforward
Paul Speulstra, AECOM Global Security Operations Center
Ricardo Dias
Robby Winchester, @robwinchester3
Robert Falcone
Ryan Becwar
Stefan Kanthak
Teodor Cimpoesu
Tom Ueltschi @c_APT_ure
Travis Smith, Tripwire
Vincent Le Toux
Walker Johnson
Ye Yint Min Thu Htut, @yeyint_mth

Thanks to those who have contributed to ATT&CK!