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ATT&CK Navigator

The ATT&CK Navigator is designed to provide basic navigation and annotation of ATT&CK matrices, something that people are already doing today in tools like Excel. We've designed it to be simple and generic - you can use the Navigator to visualize your defensive coverage, your red/blue team planning, the frequency of detected techniques or anything else you want to do. The Navigator doesn't care - it just allows you to manipulate the cells in the matrix (color coding, adding a comment, assigning a numerical value, etc.). We thought having a simple tool that everyone could use to visualize the matrix would help make it easy to use ATT&CK.

The principal feature of the Navigator is the ability for users to define layers - custom views of the ATT&CK knowledge base - e.g. showing just those techniques for a particular platform or highlighting techniques a specific adversary has been known to use. Layers can be created interactively within the Navigator or generated programmatically and then visualized via the Navigator.

For more information see the ATT&CK Navigator release announcement and update for version 2.

Open Source Repository

The ATT&CK Navigator was released as an open source project and is available for use as a standalone tool or integrated within another application.

Hosted Instance

To make it easy to get started, MITRE is hosting an instance of the Navigator that can be used for Enterprise and Mobile with PRE-ATT&CK included in both.