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.bash_profile and .bashrc +[[Technique/T1156|.bash_profile and .bashrc]]  +
Access Token Manipulation +[[Technique/T1134|Access Token Manipulation]]  +
Accessibility Features +[[Technique/T1015|Accessibility Features]]  +
Account Discovery +[[Technique/T1087|Account Discovery]]  +
Account Manipulation +[[Technique/T1098|Account Manipulation]]  +
AppCert DLLs +[[Technique/T1182|AppCert DLLs]]  +
AppInit DLLs +[[Technique/T1103|AppInit DLLs]]  +
AppleScript +[[Technique/T1155|AppleScript]]  +
Application Deployment Software +[[Technique/T1017|Application Deployment Software]]  +
Application Shimming +[[Technique/T1138|Application Shimming]]  +
Application Window Discovery +[[Technique/T1010|Application Window Discovery]]  +
Audio Capture +[[Technique/T1123|Audio Capture]]  +
Authentication Package +[[Technique/T1131|Authentication Package]]  +
Automated Collection +[[Technique/T1119|Automated Collection]]  +
Automated Exfiltration +[[Technique/T1020|Automated Exfiltration]]  +
BITS Jobs +[[Technique/T1197|BITS Jobs]]  +
Bash History +[[Technique/T1139|Bash History]]  +
Binary Padding +[[Technique/T1009|Binary Padding]]  +
Bootkit +[[Technique/T1067|Bootkit]]  +
Browser Bookmark Discovery +[[Technique/T1217|Browser Bookmark Discovery]]  +
Browser Extensions +[[Technique/T1176|Browser Extensions]]  +
Brute Force +[[Technique/T1110|Brute Force]]  +
Bypass User Account Control +[[Technique/T1088|Bypass User Account Control]]  +
CMSTP +[[Technique/T1191|CMSTP]]  +
Change Default File Association +[[Technique/T1042|Change Default File Association]]  +
Clear Command History +[[Technique/T1146|Clear Command History]]  +
Clipboard Data +[[Technique/T1115|Clipboard Data]]  +
Code Signing +[[Technique/T1116|Code Signing]]  +
Command-Line Interface +[[Technique/T1059|Command-Line Interface]]  +
Commonly Used Port +[[Technique/T1043|Commonly Used Port]]  +
Communication Through Removable Media +[[Technique/T1092|Communication Through Removable Media]]  +
Component Firmware +[[Technique/T1109|Component Firmware]]  +
Component Object Model Hijacking +[[Technique/T1122|Component Object Model Hijacking]]  +
Connection Proxy +[[Technique/T1090|Connection Proxy]]  +
Control Panel Items +[[Technique/T1196|Control Panel Items]]  +
Create Account +[[Technique/T1136|Create Account]]  +
Credential Dumping +[[Technique/T1003|Credential Dumping]]  +
Credentials in Files +[[Technique/T1081|Credentials in Files]]  +
Credentials in Registry +[[Technique/T1214|Credentials in Registry]]  +
Custom Command and Control Protocol +[[Technique/T1094|Custom Command and Control Protocol]]  +
Custom Cryptographic Protocol +[[Technique/T1024|Custom Cryptographic Protocol]]  +
DCShadow +[[Technique/T1207|DCShadow]]  +
DLL Search Order Hijacking +[[Technique/T1038|DLL Search Order Hijacking]]  +
DLL Side-Loading +[[Technique/T1073|DLL Side-Loading]]  +
Data Compressed +[[Technique/T1002|Data Compressed]]  +
Data Encoding +[[Technique/T1132|Data Encoding]]  +
Data Encrypted +[[Technique/T1022|Data Encrypted]]  +
Data Obfuscation +[[Technique/T1001|Data Obfuscation]]  +
Data Staged +[[Technique/T1074|Data Staged]]  +
Data Transfer Size Limits +[[Technique/T1030|Data Transfer Size Limits]]  +
Data from Information Repositories +[[Technique/T1213|Data from Information Repositories]]  +
Data from Local System +[[Technique/T1005|Data from Local System]]  +
Data from Network Shared Drive +[[Technique/T1039|Data from Network Shared Drive]]  +
Data from Removable Media +[[Technique/T1025|Data from Removable Media]]  +
Deobfuscate/Decode Files or Information +[[Technique/T1140|Deobfuscate/Decode Files or Information]]  +
Disabling Security Tools +[[Technique/T1089|Disabling Security Tools]]  +
Distributed Component Object Model +[[Technique/T1175|Distributed Component Object Model]]  +
Domain Fronting +[[Technique/T1172|Domain Fronting]]  +
Drive-by Compromise +[[Technique/T1189|Drive-by Compromise]]  +
Dylib Hijacking +[[Technique/T1157|Dylib Hijacking]]  +
Dynamic Data Exchange +[[Technique/T1173|Dynamic Data Exchange]]  +
Email Collection +[[Technique/T1114|Email Collection]]  +
Execution through API +[[Technique/T1106|Execution through API]]  +
Execution through Module Load +[[Technique/T1129|Execution through Module Load]]  +
Exfiltration Over Alternative Protocol +[[Technique/T1048|Exfiltration Over Alternative Protocol]]  +
Exfiltration Over Command and Control Channel +[[Technique/T1041|Exfiltration Over Command and Control Channel]]  +
Exfiltration Over Other Network Medium +[[Technique/T1011|Exfiltration Over Other Network Medium]]  +
Exfiltration Over Physical Medium +[[Technique/T1052|Exfiltration Over Physical Medium]]  +
Exploit Public-Facing Application +[[Technique/T1190|Exploit Public-Facing Application]]  +
Exploitation for Client Execution +[[Technique/T1203|Exploitation for Client Execution]]  +
Exploitation for Credential Access +[[Technique/T1212|Exploitation for Credential Access]]  +
Exploitation for Defense Evasion +[[Technique/T1211|Exploitation for Defense Evasion]]  +
Exploitation for Privilege Escalation +[[Technique/T1068|Exploitation for Privilege Escalation]]  +
Exploitation of Remote Services +[[Technique/T1210|Exploitation of Remote Services]]  +
External Remote Services +[[Technique/T1133|External Remote Services]]  +
Extra Window Memory Injection +[[Technique/T1181|Extra Window Memory Injection]]  +
Fallback Channels +[[Technique/T1008|Fallback Channels]]  +
File Deletion +[[Technique/T1107|File Deletion]]  +
File System Logical Offsets +[[Technique/T1006|File System Logical Offsets]]  +
File System Permissions Weakness +[[Technique/T1044|File System Permissions Weakness]]  +
File and Directory Discovery +[[Technique/T1083|File and Directory Discovery]]  +
Forced Authentication +[[Technique/T1187|Forced Authentication]]  +
Gatekeeper Bypass +[[Technique/T1144|Gatekeeper Bypass]]  +
Graphical User Interface +[[Technique/T1061|Graphical User Interface]]  +
Group: APT1, Comment Crew, ... +[[Group/G0006|APT1]]  +
Group: APT12, IXESHE, ... +[[Group/G0005|APT12]]  +
Group: APT16 +[[Group/G0023|APT16]]  +
Group: APT17, Deputy Dog +[[Group/G0025|APT17]]  +
Group: APT18, Threat Group-0416, ... +[[Group/G0026|APT18]]  +
Group: APT28, Sednit, ... +[[Group/G0007|APT28]]  +
Group: APT29, The Dukes, ... +[[Group/G0016|APT29]]  +
Group: APT3, Gothic Panda, ... +[[Group/G0022|APT3]]  +
Group: APT30 +[[Group/G0013|APT30]]  +
Group: APT32, OceanLotus Group +[[Group/G0050|APT32]]  +
Group: APT33 +[[Group/G0064|APT33]]  +
Group: APT34 +[[Group/G0057|APT34]]  +
Group: APT37, ScarCruft, ... +[[Group/G0067|APT37]]  +
Group: Axiom, Group 72 +[[Group/G0001|Axiom]]  +
Group: BlackOasis +[[Group/G0063|BlackOasis]]  +
Group: Carbanak, Anunak, Carbon Spider +[[Group/G0008|Carbanak]]  +
Group: Charming Kitten +[[Group/G0058|Charming Kitten]]  +
Group: Cleaver, Threat Group 2889, TG-2889 +[[Group/G0003|Cleaver]]  +
Group: CopyKittens +[[Group/G0052|CopyKittens]]  +
Group: Darkhotel +[[Group/G0012|Darkhotel]]  +
Group: Deep Panda, Shell Crew, ... +[[Group/G0009|Deep Panda]]  +
Group: DragonOK +[[Group/G0017|DragonOK]]  +
Group: Dragonfly, Energetic Bear +[[Group/G0035|Dragonfly]]  +
Group: Dust Storm +[[Group/G0031|Dust Storm]]  +
Group: Elderwood, Elderwood Gang, ... +[[Group/G0066|Elderwood]]  +
Group: Equation +[[Group/G0020|Equation]]  +
Group: FIN10 +[[Group/G0051|FIN10]]  +
Group: FIN5 +[[Group/G0053|FIN5]]  +
Group: FIN6 +[[Group/G0037|FIN6]]  +
Group: FIN7 +[[Group/G0046|FIN7]]  +
Group: FIN8 +[[Group/G0061|FIN8]]  +
Group: GCMAN +[[Group/G0036|GCMAN]]  +
Group: Gamaredon Group +[[Group/G0047|Gamaredon Group]]  +
Group: Group5 +[[Group/G0043|Group5]]  +
Group: Ke3chang +[[Group/G0004|Ke3chang]]  +
Group: Lazarus Group, HIDDEN COBRA, ... +[[Group/G0032|Lazarus Group]]  +
Group: Leviathan, TEMP.Periscope +[[Group/G0065|Leviathan]]  +
Group: Lotus Blossom, Spring Dragon +[[Group/G0030|Lotus Blossom]]  +
Group: Magic Hound, Rocket Kitten, ... +[[Group/G0059|Magic Hound]]  +
Group: Moafee +[[Group/G0002|Moafee]]  +
Group: Molerats, Gaza Cybergang, Operation Molerats +[[Group/G0021|Molerats]]  +
Group: MuddyWater, TEMP.Zagros +[[Group/G0069|MuddyWater]]  +
Group: NEODYMIUM +[[Group/G0055|NEODYMIUM]]  +
Group: Naikon +[[Group/G0019|Naikon]]  +
Group: Night Dragon, Musical Chairs +[[Group/G0014|Night Dragon]]  +
Group: OilRig +[[Group/G0049|OilRig]]  +
Group: PLATINUM +[[Group/G0068|PLATINUM]]  +
Group: PROMETHIUM +[[Group/G0056|PROMETHIUM]]  +
Group: Patchwork, Dropping Elephant, ... +[[Group/G0040|Patchwork]]  +
Group: PittyTiger +[[Group/G0011|PittyTiger]]  +
Group: Poseidon Group +[[Group/G0033|Poseidon Group]]  +
Group: Putter Panda, APT2, MSUpdater +[[Group/G0024|Putter Panda]]  +
Group: RTM +[[Group/G0048|RTM]]  +
Group: Sandworm Team, Quedagh +[[Group/G0034|Sandworm Team]]  +
Group: Scarlet Mimic +[[Group/G0029|Scarlet Mimic]]  +
Group: Sowbug +[[Group/G0054|Sowbug]]  +
Group: Stealth Falcon +[[Group/G0038|Stealth Falcon]]  +
Group: Strider, ProjectSauron +[[Group/G0041|Strider]]  +
Group: Suckfly +[[Group/G0039|Suckfly]]  +
Group: TA459 +[[Group/G0062|TA459]]  +
Group: Taidoor +[[Group/G0015|Taidoor]]  +
Group: Threat Group-1314, TG-1314 +[[Group/G0028|Threat Group-1314]]  +
Group: Threat Group-3390, TG-3390, ... +[[Group/G0027|Threat Group-3390]]  +
Group: Turla, Waterbug, WhiteBear +[[Group/G0010|Turla]]  +
Group: Winnti Group, Blackfly +[[Group/G0044|Winnti Group]]  +
Group: admin@338 +[[Group/G0018|admin@338]]  +
Group: menuPass, Stone Panda, ... +[[Group/G0045|menuPass]]  +
Hardware Additions +[[Technique/T1200|Hardware Additions]]  +
Hidden Files and Directories +[[Technique/T1158|Hidden Files and Directories]]  +
Hidden Users +[[Technique/T1147|Hidden Users]]  +
Hidden Window +[[Technique/T1143|Hidden Window]]  +
Hooking +[[Technique/T1179|Hooking]]  +
Hypervisor +[[Technique/T1062|Hypervisor]]  +
Image File Execution Options Injection +[[Technique/T1183|Image File Execution Options Injection]]  +
Indicator Blocking +[[Technique/T1054|Indicator Blocking]]  +
Indicator Removal from Tools +[[Technique/T1066|Indicator Removal from Tools]]  +
Indicator Removal on Host +[[Technique/T1070|Indicator Removal on Host]]  +
Indirect Command Execution +[[Technique/T1202|Indirect Command Execution]]  +
Input Capture +[[Technique/T1056|Input Capture]]  +
Input Prompt +[[Technique/T1141|Input Prompt]]  +
Install Root Certificate +[[Technique/T1130|Install Root Certificate]]  +
InstallUtil +[[Technique/T1118|InstallUtil]]  +
Kerberoasting +[[Technique/T1208|Kerberoasting]]  +
Kernel Modules and Extensions +[[Technique/T1215|Kernel Modules and Extensions]]  +
Keychain +[[Technique/T1142|Keychain]]  +
LC_LOAD_DYLIB Addition +[[Technique/T1161|LC_LOAD_DYLIB Addition]]  +
LC_MAIN Hijacking +[[Technique/T1149|LC_MAIN Hijacking]]  +
LLMNR/NBT-NS Poisoning +[[Technique/T1171|LLMNR/NBT-NS Poisoning]]  +
LSASS Driver +[[Technique/T1177|LSASS Driver]]  +
Launch Agent +[[Technique/T1159|Launch Agent]]  +
Launch Daemon +[[Technique/T1160|Launch Daemon]]  +
Launchctl +[[Technique/T1152|Launchctl]]  +
Local Job Scheduling +[[Technique/T1168|Local Job Scheduling]]  +
Login Item +[[Technique/T1162|Login Item]]  +
Logon Scripts +[[Technique/T1037|Logon Scripts]]  +
Man in the Browser +[[Technique/T1185|Man in the Browser]]  +
Masquerading +[[Technique/T1036|Masquerading]]  +
Modify Existing Service +[[Technique/T1031|Modify Existing Service]]  +
Modify Registry +[[Technique/T1112|Modify Registry]]  +
Mshta +[[Technique/T1170|Mshta]]  +
Multi-Stage Channels +[[Technique/T1104|Multi-Stage Channels]]  +
Multi-hop Proxy +[[Technique/T1188|Multi-hop Proxy]]  +
Multiband Communication +[[Technique/T1026|Multiband Communication]]  +
Multilayer Encryption +[[Technique/T1079|Multilayer Encryption]]  +
NTFS File Attributes +[[Technique/T1096|NTFS File Attributes]]  +
Netsh Helper DLL +[[Technique/T1128|Netsh Helper DLL]]  +
Network Service Scanning +[[Technique/T1046|Network Service Scanning]]  +
Network Share Connection Removal +[[Technique/T1126|Network Share Connection Removal]]  +
Network Share Discovery +[[Technique/T1135|Network Share Discovery]]  +
Network Sniffing +[[Technique/T1040|Network Sniffing]]  +
New Service +[[Technique/T1050|New Service]]  +
Obfuscated Files or Information +[[Technique/T1027|Obfuscated Files or Information]]  +
Office Application Startup +[[Technique/T1137|Office Application Startup]]  +
Pass the Hash +[[Technique/T1075|Pass the Hash]]  +
Pass the Ticket +[[Technique/T1097|Pass the Ticket]]  +
Password Filter DLL +[[Technique/T1174|Password Filter DLL]]  +
Password Policy Discovery +[[Technique/T1201|Password Policy Discovery]]  +
Path Interception +[[Technique/T1034|Path Interception]]  +
Peripheral Device Discovery +[[Technique/T1120|Peripheral Device Discovery]]  +
Permission Groups Discovery +[[Technique/T1069|Permission Groups Discovery]]  +
Plist Modification +[[Technique/T1150|Plist Modification]]  +
Port Knocking +[[Technique/T1205|Port Knocking]]  +
Port Monitors +[[Technique/T1013|Port Monitors]]  +
PowerShell +[[Technique/T1086|PowerShell]]  +
Private Keys +[[Technique/T1145|Private Keys]]  +
Process Discovery +[[Technique/T1057|Process Discovery]]  +
Process Doppelgänging +[[Technique/T1186|Process Doppelgänging]]  +
Process Hollowing +[[Technique/T1093|Process Hollowing]]  +
Process Injection +[[Technique/T1055|Process Injection]]  +
Query Registry +[[Technique/T1012|Query Registry]]  +
Rc.common +[[Technique/T1163|Rc.common]]  +
Re-opened Applications +[[Technique/T1164|Re-opened Applications]]  +
Redundant Access +[[Technique/T1108|Redundant Access]]  +
Registry Run Keys / Start Folder +[[Technique/T1060|Registry Run Keys / Start Folder]]  +
Regsvcs/Regasm +[[Technique/T1121|Regsvcs/Regasm]]  +
Regsvr32 +[[Technique/T1117|Regsvr32]]  +
Remote Access Tools +[[Technique/T1219|Remote Access Tools]]  +
Remote Desktop Protocol +[[Technique/T1076|Remote Desktop Protocol]]  +
Remote File Copy +[[Technique/T1105|Remote File Copy]]  +
Remote Services +[[Technique/T1021|Remote Services]]  +
Remote System Discovery +[[Technique/T1018|Remote System Discovery]]  +
Replication Through Removable Media +[[Technique/T1091|Replication Through Removable Media]]  +
Rootkit +[[Technique/T1014|Rootkit]]  +
Rundll32 +[[Technique/T1085|Rundll32]]  +
SID-History Injection +[[Technique/T1178|SID-History Injection]]  +
SIP and Trust Provider Hijacking +[[Technique/T1198|SIP and Trust Provider Hijacking]]  +
SSH Hijacking +[[Technique/T1184|SSH Hijacking]]  +
Scheduled Task +[[Technique/T1053|Scheduled Task]]  +
Scheduled Transfer +[[Technique/T1029|Scheduled Transfer]]  +
Screen Capture +[[Technique/T1113|Screen Capture]]  +
Screensaver +[[Technique/T1180|Screensaver]]  +
Scripting +[[Technique/T1064|Scripting]]  +
Security Software Discovery +[[Technique/T1063|Security Software Discovery]]  +
Security Support Provider +[[Technique/T1101|Security Support Provider]]  +
Securityd Memory +[[Technique/T1167|Securityd Memory]]  +
Service Execution +[[Technique/T1035|Service Execution]]  +
Service Registry Permissions Weakness +[[Technique/T1058|Service Registry Permissions Weakness]]  +
Setuid and Setgid +[[Technique/T1166|Setuid and Setgid]]  +
Shared Webroot +[[Technique/T1051|Shared Webroot]]  +
Shortcut Modification +[[Technique/T1023|Shortcut Modification]]  +
Signed Binary Proxy Execution +[[Technique/T1218|Signed Binary Proxy Execution]]  +
Signed Script Proxy Execution +[[Technique/T1216|Signed Script Proxy Execution]]  +
Software Packing +[[Technique/T1045|Software Packing]]  +
Software: 3PARA RAT +[[Software/S0066|3PARA RAT]]  +
Software: 4H RAT +[[Software/S0065|4H RAT]]  +
Software: ADVSTORESHELL, NETUI, ... +[[Software/S0045|ADVSTORESHELL]]  +
Software: ASPXSpy, ASPXTool +[[Software/S0073|ASPXSpy]]  +
Software: Agent.btz +[[Software/S0092|Agent.btz]]  +
Software: Arp, arp.exe +[[Software/S0099|Arp]]  +
Software: AutoIt backdoor +[[Software/S0129|AutoIt backdoor]]  +
Software: BACKSPACE, Lecna +[[Software/S0031|BACKSPACE]]  +
Software: BADNEWS +[[Software/S0128|BADNEWS]]  +
Software: BBSRAT +[[Software/S0127|BBSRAT]]  +
Software: BISCUIT +[[Software/S0017|BISCUIT]]  +
Software: BITSAdmin +[[Software/S0190|BITSAdmin]]  +
Software: BLACKCOFFEE +[[Software/S0069|BLACKCOFFEE]]  +
Software: BOOTRASH +[[Software/S0114|BOOTRASH]]  +
Software: BS2005 +[[Software/S0014|BS2005]]  +
Software: BUBBLEWRAP, Backdoor.APT.FakeWinHTTPHelper +[[Software/S0043|BUBBLEWRAP]]  +
Software: Backdoor.Oldrea, Havex +[[Software/S0093|Backdoor.Oldrea]]  +
Software: BlackEnergy, Black Energy +[[Software/S0089|BlackEnergy]]  +
Software: Briba +[[Software/S0204|Briba]]  +
Software: CALENDAR +[[Software/S0025|CALENDAR]]  +
Software: CCBkdr +[[Software/S0222|CCBkdr]]  +
Software: CHOPSTICK, SPLM, ... +[[Software/S0023|CHOPSTICK]]  +
Software: CORALDECK +[[Software/S0212|CORALDECK]]  +
Software: CORESHELL, SOURFACE +[[Software/S0137|CORESHELL]]  +
Software: Cachedump +[[Software/S0119|Cachedump]]  +
Software: CallMe +[[Software/S0077|CallMe]]  +
Software: Carbanak, Anunak +[[Software/S0030|Carbanak]]  +
Software: ChChes, Scorpion, HAYMAKER +[[Software/S0144|ChChes]]  +
Software: Chaos +[[Software/S0220|Chaos]]  +
Software: Cherry Picker +[[Software/S0107|Cherry Picker]]  +
Software: China Chopper +[[Software/S0020|China Chopper]]  +
Software: CloudDuke, MiniDionis, CloudLook +[[Software/S0054|CloudDuke]]  +
Software: Cobalt Strike +[[Software/S0154|Cobalt Strike]]  +
Software: ComRAT +[[Software/S0126|ComRAT]]  +
Software: CosmicDuke, TinyBaron, ... +[[Software/S0050|CosmicDuke]]  +
Software: CozyCar, CozyDuke, ... +[[Software/S0046|CozyCar]]  +
Software: Crimson, MSIL/Crimson +[[Software/S0115|Crimson]]  +
Software: DOGCALL +[[Software/S0213|DOGCALL]]  +
Software: Darkmoon +[[Software/S0209|Darkmoon]]  +
Software: Daserf, Muirim, Nioupale +[[Software/S0187|Daserf]]  +
Software: Derusbi, PHOTO +[[Software/S0021|Derusbi]]  +
Software: Dipsind +[[Software/S0200|Dipsind]]  +
Software: DownPaper +[[Software/S0186|DownPaper]]  +
Software: Downdelph, Delphacy +[[Software/S0134|Downdelph]]  +
Software: Duqu +[[Software/S0038|Duqu]]  +
Software: DustySky, NeD Worm +[[Software/S0062|DustySky]]  +
Software: Dyre +[[Software/S0024|Dyre]]  +
Software: ELMER +[[Software/S0064|ELMER]]  +
Software: Elise, BKDR_ESILE, Page +[[Software/S0081|Elise]]  +
Software: Emissary +[[Software/S0082|Emissary]]  +
Software: Epic, Tavdig, ... +[[Software/S0091|Epic]]  +
Software: EvilGrab +[[Software/S0152|EvilGrab]]  +
Software: FALLCHILL +[[Software/S0181|FALLCHILL]]  +
Software: FLASHFLOOD +[[Software/S0036|FLASHFLOOD]]  +
Software: FLIPSIDE +[[Software/S0173|FLIPSIDE]]  +
Software: FTP, ftp.exe +[[Software/S0095|FTP]]  +
Software: FakeM +[[Software/S0076|FakeM]]  +
Software: Felismus +[[Software/S0171|Felismus]]  +
Software: Fgdump +[[Software/S0120|Fgdump]]  +
Software: FinFisher, FinSpy +[[Software/S0182|FinFisher]]  +
Software: Flame, Flamer, sKyWIper +[[Software/S0143|Flame]]  +
Software: Forfiles +[[Software/S0193|Forfiles]]  +
Software: GLOOXMAIL, Trojan.GTALK +[[Software/S0026|GLOOXMAIL]]  +
Software: Gazer, WhiteBear +[[Software/S0168|Gazer]]  +
Software: GeminiDuke +[[Software/S0049|GeminiDuke]]  +
Software: H1N1 +[[Software/S0132|H1N1]]  +
Software: HALFBAKED +[[Software/S0151|HALFBAKED]]  +
Software: HAMMERTOSS, HammerDuke, NetDuke +[[Software/S0037|HAMMERTOSS]]  +
Software: HAPPYWORK +[[Software/S0214|HAPPYWORK]]  +
Software: HDoor, Custom HDoor +[[Software/S0061|HDoor]]  +
Software: HIDEDRV +[[Software/S0135|HIDEDRV]]  +
Software: HOMEFRY +[[Software/S0232|HOMEFRY]]  +
Software: HTRAN, HUC Packet Transmit Tool +[[Software/S0040|HTRAN]]  +
Software: HTTPBrowser, Token Control, HttpDump +[[Software/S0070|HTTPBrowser]]  +
Software: Hacking Team UEFI Rootkit +[[Software/S0047|Hacking Team UEFI Rootkit]]  +
Software: Havij +[[Software/S0224|Havij]]  +
Software: Helminth +[[Software/S0170|Helminth]]  +
Software: Hi-Zor +[[Software/S0087|Hi-Zor]]  +
Software: Hikit +[[Software/S0009|Hikit]]  +
Software: Hydraq, Aurora, 9002 RAT +[[Software/S0203|Hydraq]]  +
Software: ISMInjector +[[Software/S0189|ISMInjector]]  +
Software: Invoke-PSImage +[[Software/S0231|Invoke-PSImage]]  +
Software: Ixeshe +[[Software/S0015|Ixeshe]]  +
Software: JHUHUGIT, Seduploader, ... +[[Software/S0044|JHUHUGIT]]  +
Software: JPIN +[[Software/S0201|JPIN]]  +
Software: Janicab +[[Software/S0163|Janicab]]  +
Software: KARAE +[[Software/S0215|KARAE]]  +
Software: KOMPROGO +[[Software/S0156|KOMPROGO]]  +
Software: Kasidet +[[Software/S0088|Kasidet]]  +
Software: Komplex +[[Software/S0162|Komplex]]  +
Software: LOWBALL +[[Software/S0042|LOWBALL]]  +
Software: Linfo +[[Software/S0211|Linfo]]  +
Software: Lslsass +[[Software/S0121|Lslsass]]  +
Software: Lurid, Enfal +[[Software/S0010|Lurid]]  +
Software: MURKYTOP +[[Software/S0233|MURKYTOP]]  +
Software: Matroyshka +[[Software/S0167|Matroyshka]]  +
Software: MimiPenguin +[[Software/S0179|MimiPenguin]]  +
Software: Mimikatz +[[Software/S0002|Mimikatz]]  +
Software: Miner-C, Mal/Miner-C, PhotoMiner +[[Software/S0133|Miner-C]]  +
Software: MiniDuke +[[Software/S0051|MiniDuke]]  +
Software: Mis-Type +[[Software/S0084|Mis-Type]]  +
Software: Misdat +[[Software/S0083|Misdat]]  +
Software: Mivast +[[Software/S0080|Mivast]]  +
Software: MobileOrder +[[Software/S0079|MobileOrder]]  +
Software: MoonWind +[[Software/S0149|MoonWind]]  +
Software: NETEAGLE +[[Software/S0034|NETEAGLE]]  +
Software: NETWIRE +[[Software/S0198|NETWIRE]]  +
Software: Naid +[[Software/S0205|Naid]]  +
Software: NanHaiShu +[[Software/S0228|NanHaiShu]]  +
Software: Nerex +[[Software/S0210|Nerex]]  +
Software: Net Crawler, NetC +[[Software/S0056|Net Crawler]]  +
Software: Net, net.exe +[[Software/S0039|Net]]  +
Software: NetTraveler +[[Software/S0033|NetTraveler]]  +
Software: Nidiran, Backdoor.Nidiran +[[Software/S0118|Nidiran]]  +
Software: OLDBAIT, Sasfis +[[Software/S0138|OLDBAIT]]  +
Software: OSInfo +[[Software/S0165|OSInfo]]  +
Software: OnionDuke +[[Software/S0052|OnionDuke]]  +
Software: Orz, AIRBREAK +[[Software/S0229|Orz]]  +
Software: OwaAuth +[[Software/S0072|OwaAuth]]  +
Software: P2P ZeuS, Peer-to-Peer ZeuS, Gameover ZeuS +[[Software/S0016|P2P ZeuS]]  +
Software: PHOREAL +[[Software/S0158|PHOREAL]]  +
Software: POORAIM +[[Software/S0216|POORAIM]]  +
Software: POSHSPY +[[Software/S0150|POSHSPY]]  +
Software: POWERSOURCE, DNSMessenger +[[Software/S0145|POWERSOURCE]]  +
Software: POWERSTATS +[[Software/S0223|POWERSTATS]]  +
Software: POWRUNER +[[Software/S0184|POWRUNER]]  +
Software: PUNCHBUGGY +[[Software/S0196|PUNCHBUGGY]]  +
Software: PUNCHTRACK, PSVC +[[Software/S0197|PUNCHTRACK]]  +
Software: Pasam +[[Software/S0208|Pasam]]  +
Software: Pass-The-Hash Toolkit +[[Software/S0122|Pass-The-Hash Toolkit]]  +
Software: PinchDuke +[[Software/S0048|PinchDuke]]  +
Software: Ping, ping.exe +[[Software/S0097|Ping]]  +
Software: Pisloader +[[Software/S0124|Pisloader]]  +
Software: PlugX, Sogu, ... +[[Software/S0013|PlugX]]  +
Software: PoisonIvy, Poison Ivy +[[Software/S0012|PoisonIvy]]  +
Software: Power Loader, Win32/Agent.UAW +[[Software/S0177|Power Loader]]  +
Software: PowerDuke +[[Software/S0139|PowerDuke]]  +
Software: PowerSploit +[[Software/S0194|PowerSploit]]  +
Software: Prikormka +[[Software/S0113|Prikormka]]  +
Software: PsExec +[[Software/S0029|PsExec]]  +
Software: Psylo +[[Software/S0078|Psylo]]  +
Software: Pteranodon +[[Software/S0147|Pteranodon]]  +
Software: Pupy +[[Software/S0192|Pupy]]  +
Software: RARSTONE +[[Software/S0055|RARSTONE]]  +
Software: RIPTIDE +[[Software/S0003|RIPTIDE]]  +
Software: ROCKBOOT +[[Software/S0112|ROCKBOOT]]  +
Software: RTM +[[Software/S0148|RTM]]  +
Software: RawPOS, FIENDCRY, ... +[[Software/S0169|RawPOS]]  +
Software: Reaver +[[Software/S0172|Reaver]]  +
Software: RedLeaves, BUGJUICE +[[Software/S0153|RedLeaves]]  +
Software: Reg, reg.exe +[[Software/S0075|Reg]]  +
Software: Regin +[[Software/S0019|Regin]]  +
Software: RemoteCMD +[[Software/S0166|RemoteCMD]]  +
Software: Remsec, Backdoor.Remsec, ProjectSauron +[[Software/S0125|Remsec]]  +
Software: Responder +[[Software/S0174|Responder]]  +
Software: Rover +[[Software/S0090|Rover]]  +
Software: S-Type +[[Software/S0085|S-Type]]  +
Software: SDelete +[[Software/S0195|SDelete]]  +
Software: SEASHARPEE +[[Software/S0185|SEASHARPEE]]  +
Software: SHIPSHAPE +[[Software/S0028|SHIPSHAPE]]  +
Software: SHOTPUT, Backdoor.APT.CookieCutter, Pirpi +[[Software/S0063|SHOTPUT]]  +
Software: SHUTTERSPEED +[[Software/S0217|SHUTTERSPEED]]  +
Software: SLOWDRIFT +[[Software/S0218|SLOWDRIFT]]  +
Software: SNUGRIDE +[[Software/S0159|SNUGRIDE]]  +
Software: SOUNDBITE +[[Software/S0157|SOUNDBITE]]  +
Software: SPACESHIP +[[Software/S0035|SPACESHIP]]  +
Software: Sakula, Sakurel, VIPER +[[Software/S0074|Sakula]]  +
Software: SeaDuke, SeaDaddy, SeaDesk +[[Software/S0053|SeaDuke]]  +
Software: Shamoon, Disttrack +[[Software/S0140|Shamoon]]  +
Software: Skeleton Key +[[Software/S0007|Skeleton Key]]  +
Software: Smoke Loader, Dofoil +[[Software/S0226|Smoke Loader]]  +
Software: SslMM +[[Software/S0058|SslMM]]  +
Software: Starloader +[[Software/S0188|Starloader]]  +
Software: StreamEx +[[Software/S0142|StreamEx]]  +
Software: Sykipot +[[Software/S0018|Sykipot]]  +
Software: Sys10 +[[Software/S0060|Sys10]]  +
Software: Systeminfo, systeminfo.exe +[[Software/S0096|Systeminfo]]  +
Software: T9000 +[[Software/S0098|T9000]]  +
Software: TDTESS +[[Software/S0164|TDTESS]]  +
Software: TEXTMATE, DNSMessenger +[[Software/S0146|TEXTMATE]]  +
Software: TINYTYPHON +[[Software/S0131|TINYTYPHON]]  +
Software: TURNEDUP +[[Software/S0199|TURNEDUP]]  +
Software: Taidoor +[[Software/S0011|Taidoor]]  +
Software: Tasklist +[[Software/S0057|Tasklist]]  +
Software: TinyZBot +[[Software/S0004|TinyZBot]]  +
Software: Tor +[[Software/S0183|Tor]]  +
Software: Trojan.Karagany +[[Software/S0094|Trojan.Karagany]]  +
Software: Trojan.Mebromi +[[Software/S0001|Trojan.Mebromi]]  +
Software: Truvasys +[[Software/S0178|Truvasys]]  +
Software: UACMe +[[Software/S0116|UACMe]]  +
Software: USBStealer, USB Stealer, Win32/USBStealer +[[Software/S0136|USBStealer]]  +
Software: Umbreon +[[Software/S0221|Umbreon]]  +
Software: Unknown Logger +[[Software/S0130|Unknown Logger]]  +
Software: Uroburos +[[Software/S0022|Uroburos]]  +
Software: Vasport +[[Software/S0207|Vasport]]  +
Software: Volgmer +[[Software/S0180|Volgmer]]  +
Software: WEBC2 +[[Software/S0109|WEBC2]]  +
Software: WINDSHIELD +[[Software/S0155|WINDSHIELD]]  +
Software: WINERACK +[[Software/S0219|WINERACK]]  +
Software: Wiarp +[[Software/S0206|Wiarp]]  +
Software: WinMM +[[Software/S0059|WinMM]]  +
Software: Windows Credential Editor, WCE +[[Software/S0005|Windows Credential Editor]]  +
Software: Winexe +[[Software/S0191|Winexe]]  +
Software: Wingbird +[[Software/S0176|Wingbird]]  +
Software: Winnti +[[Software/S0141|Winnti]]  +
Software: Wiper +[[Software/S0041|Wiper]]  +
Software: XAgentOSX +[[Software/S0161|XAgentOSX]]  +
Software: XTunnel, X-Tunnel, XAPS +[[Software/S0117|XTunnel]]  +
Software: ZLib +[[Software/S0086|ZLib]]  +
Software: ZeroT +[[Software/S0230|ZeroT]]  +
Software: Zeroaccess, Trojan.Zeroaccess +[[Software/S0027|Zeroaccess]]  +
Software: adbupd +[[Software/S0202|adbupd]]  +
Software: at, at.exe +[[Software/S0110|at]]  +
Software: certutil, certutil.exe +[[Software/S0160|certutil]]  +
Software: cmd, cmd.exe +[[Software/S0106|cmd]]  +
Software: dsquery, dsquery.exe +[[Software/S0105|dsquery]]  +
Software: gh0st +[[Software/S0032|gh0st]]  +
Software: gsecdump +[[Software/S0008|gsecdump]]  +
Software: hcdLoader +[[Software/S0071|hcdLoader]]  +
Software: httpclient +[[Software/S0068|httpclient]]  +
Software: ifconfig +[[Software/S0101|ifconfig]]  +
Software: ipconfig, ipconfig.exe +[[Software/S0100|ipconfig]]  +
Software: meek +[[Software/S0175|meek]]  +
Software: nbtstat, nbtstat.exe +[[Software/S0102|nbtstat]]  +
Software: netsh, netsh.exe +[[Software/S0108|netsh]]  +
Software: netstat, netstat.exe +[[Software/S0104|netstat]]  +
Software: pngdowner +[[Software/S0067|pngdowner]]  +
Software: pwdump +[[Software/S0006|pwdump]]  +
Software: route, route.exe +[[Software/S0103|route]]  +
Software: schtasks, schtasks.exe +[[Software/S0111|schtasks]]  +
Software: spwebmember +[[Software/S0227|spwebmember]]  +
Software: sqlmap +[[Software/S0225|sqlmap]]  +
Software: xCmd +[[Software/S0123|xCmd]]  +
Source +[[Technique/T1153|Source]]  +
Space after Filename +[[Technique/T1151|Space after Filename]]  +
Spearphishing Attachment +[[Technique/T1193|Spearphishing Attachment]]  +
Spearphishing Link +[[Technique/T1192|Spearphishing Link]]  +
Spearphishing via Service +[[Technique/T1194|Spearphishing via Service]]  +
Standard Application Layer Protocol +[[Technique/T1071|Standard Application Layer Protocol]]  +
Standard Cryptographic Protocol +[[Technique/T1032|Standard Cryptographic Protocol]]  +
Standard Non-Application Layer Protocol +[[Technique/T1095|Standard Non-Application Layer Protocol]]  +
Startup Items +[[Technique/T1165|Startup Items]]  +
Sudo +[[Technique/T1169|Sudo]]  +
Sudo Caching +[[Technique/T1206|Sudo Caching]]  +
Supply Chain Compromise +[[Technique/T1195|Supply Chain Compromise]]  +
System Firmware +[[Technique/T1019|System Firmware]]  +
System Information Discovery +[[Technique/T1082|System Information Discovery]]  +
System Network Configuration Discovery +[[Technique/T1016|System Network Configuration Discovery]]  +
System Network Connections Discovery +[[Technique/T1049|System Network Connections Discovery]]  +
System Owner/User Discovery +[[Technique/T1033|System Owner/User Discovery]]  +