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This is a property of type Text.

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Clear Command History +[[Technique/T1146|Clear Command History]]  +
Clipboard Data +[[Technique/T1115|Clipboard Data]]  +
Code Signing +[[Technique/T1116|Code Signing]]  +
Command-Line Interface +[[Technique/T1059|Command-Line Interface]]  +
Commonly Used Port +[[Technique/T1043|Commonly Used Port]]  +
Communication Through Removable Media +[[Technique/T1092|Communication Through Removable Media]]  +
Component Firmware +[[Technique/T1109|Component Firmware]]  +
Component Object Model Hijacking +[[Technique/T1122|Component Object Model Hijacking]]  +
Connection Proxy +[[Technique/T1090|Connection Proxy]]  +
Control Panel Items +[[Technique/T1196|Control Panel Items]]  +
Create Account +[[Technique/T1136|Create Account]]  +
Credential Dumping +[[Technique/T1003|Credential Dumping]]  +
Credentials in Files +[[Technique/T1081|Credentials in Files]]  +
Credentials in Registry +[[Technique/T1214|Credentials in Registry]]  +
Custom Command and Control Protocol +[[Technique/T1094|Custom Command and Control Protocol]]  +
Custom Cryptographic Protocol +[[Technique/T1024|Custom Cryptographic Protocol]]  +
DCShadow +[[Technique/T1207|DCShadow]]  +
DLL Search Order Hijacking +[[Technique/T1038|DLL Search Order Hijacking]]  +
DLL Side-Loading +[[Technique/T1073|DLL Side-Loading]]  +
Data Compressed +[[Technique/T1002|Data Compressed]]  +
Data Encoding +[[Technique/T1132|Data Encoding]]  +
Data Encrypted +[[Technique/T1022|Data Encrypted]]  +
Data Obfuscation +[[Technique/T1001|Data Obfuscation]]  +
Data Staged +[[Technique/T1074|Data Staged]]  +
Data Transfer Size Limits +[[Technique/T1030|Data Transfer Size Limits]]  +