Interfaces for Working with ATT&CK

There are two different ways for you to access the ATT&CK content:

ATT&CK expressed in STIX 2.0 GitHub repository

There are a few different ways you can interact with the ATT&CK content in this repo. If you use Python, the best way is to utilize cti-python-stix2. We have a USAGE doc in this repo to help you with this. Since STIX 2.0 is JSON, you can also use a JSON library in the programming language of your choice and interact with the raw content, like the full set of Enterprise ATT&CK content you can find here.

TAXII Server

Our TAXII server stays up to date with the content found in our GitHub repository, so you can also access the ATT&CK content here. As the TAXII Server release blog post states, you can use the cti-python-stix2 and cti-taxii-client to get the ATT&CK content from the TAXII server.